docker runtime

Docker Runtime in Action

Docker Runtime The main pieces of the Docker toolset (frequently referred to as the runtime) include: Client (docker): The Docker Client is used to manage containers, images, networks, volumes and other resources. Command line based, docker connects to the server component and issues commands to a RESTful API that the server exposes. When installed locally, …

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Ariel Traffic on Freeway

Models of Machine Learning

Data touches every aspect of our lives. Every time we go to the store, visit a website, make an appointment with the doctor, travel by airplane, or take a photo; we are creating, using, and leaving behind data. The modern world is measured, mapped, and recorded in ways that were difficult to imagine even just …

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Bridge In Forest

The Case For DevOps

Software, in the words of Marc Andreesen, is in the process of “Eating the world.” It touches every industry, and powers more process than ever before; and the improvements we have made in its development and deployment are a big reason as to why. At a constant rate, new technologies and approaches to build more …

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Mapping DevOps to Kubernetes

Mapping DevOps to Kubernetes

Wondering about the process of mapping Devops to Kubernetes? Here are the core constructs Kubernetes provides and how it can be applied to the deployment and management of cloud native applications. Declarative Control Kubernetes works through the use “declarative state.” Similar to how code is intended to describe a specific logical function, everything in Kubernetes …

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Containers vs Virtual Machines

Container Orchestration and Scheduling

At the heart of these systems are orchestration and scheduling systems. While used interchangeably, orchestration and scheduling are distinct parts of a robust container infrastructure. What are Orchestrators and Schedulers? Orchestration refers to the coordinating and sequencing of different activities. Orchestration tools help to coordinate clustered pools of resources, they’re able to host containers, allocate …

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Machine learning iPad and digital brain

Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, was once an idea only seen in science fiction novels and movies. Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, there are several applications of artificial intelligence in the business space. Artificial intelligence is allowing organizations to work smarter and faster.  Here are some of the latest business applications for …

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