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With the rise in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence has become a crucial technique for solving problems in a wide range of fields. They can help organizations personalize customer experience, automate processes, and implement solutions that will change the way customers interact with your product. Simply put, machine Learning and artificial intelligence will turn data into a competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business

As a subset of AI, Machine learning uses computational techniques to allow computers to analyze pictures, select features of interest, and use that data to reveal insight. It can be leveraged to segment images rapidly and efficiently without losing accuracy. Over time, as more data is acquired, it is possible to even more effectively target therapy and predict outcome. By using machine learning/AI, companies can produce engaging, authentic experiences at every point of contact with customers. Here’s a glimpse into how machine learning works:

Identify Trends

Machine learning is used to provide relevant product recommendations, creating a more personalized experience for customers.

Continuous Improvement

More data results in better predictions and decision making for the future.

Adaption and Filtering

Machine learning allows applications to adapt to new situations and implement filters.


Machine learning can detect suspicious activity, including email spammers and credit card fraud.

DVO Consulting Machine Learning Service Capabilities

DVO Consulting is able to create cutting edge solutions that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to rapidly deliver insights and advantages from your data. We are able to create predictive models, recommended systems, scrapers, sentiment engines, and other tools which leverage both classical machine learning techniques and deep learning.

Our team of data scientists and engineers will work with your organization to locate relevant sources of information — including both proprietary and publicly available datasets — that will help you meet your project goals. From there, we will partner with organization leadership to build a complete project assessment and development plan and work towards the implementation of a prototype. This involves analyzing data sets and building simple models to assess the validity of certain data and work towards the release of a production system. Production systems will have a clean API interface, and will be integrated into your larger data landscape to ensure that the data utilized by the predictive model is always up to date. If desired, DVO consulting is also able top provide hosting and management for the solution in order to maximize uptime and performance.

Our machine learning solutions enable increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection. Our goal is to empower organizations to understand customer behavior and analyze present and past stats to forecast revenue and other pivotal metrics.

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