Build Skills to Enable Success

Oak-Tree can help your team develop data science and machine learning skills, DevOps practices, and come up to speed on Big Data technologies.

Oak-Tree can help your team build skills that will enable success. We have deep experience in planning, programming, and building data driven systems; deploying and managing them; and handling complex operations. Using that experience, we can help your organization master data science, analytics, and machine learning skills; become comfortable with the systems that enable Big Data such as databases, NoSQL storages, search platforms, and streaming; and help your developers express complex ideas in code.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all training model that glosses over important details. Instead, we work with you to determine needs and craft a custom training plan for your team. Each of our courses is taught by a knowledgeable expert and seeks to deliver practical knowledge that you can use immediately.

Data is

A data driven organization needs to be able to work on a number of fronts simultaneously.

Data Science and Analytics.

Data Science is an emerging discipline at the intersection of statistics, analytics, programming, and machine learning.

Programming and Software Development.

Learning to code involves learning a language, mastering new ways of expression, and becoming immersed in a culture. It enables you to express data-driven ideas and accomplish entirely new things.


DevOps (a mashup of “development” and “operations”) is the convergence of everything. As companies seek to deliver software more rapidly, DevOps tools and practices can help in that endeavor.

Infrastructure and Big Data.

Data is powered by tools such as databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle), NoSQL storages (Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j), search engines (ElasticSearch, , distributed computational engines (Apache Spark, Dask), and distributed storage (HDFS, Ceph, MinIO). To be successful they must integrate and work in concert.