Staff Augmentation

Staff Your Project Using Outsourcing Strategies

When you have project deadlines looming, you most likely need a few more hands on deck. But what happens when your full-time staff is already working overtime? Dealing with limited resources and skilled workers is a  key problem that businesses face during growth. To become proficient in project management, businesses need to take advantage of staff augmentation services.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation allows you to get the help you need on a scalable, per project basis. This outsourcing strategy is a cost-effective and viable solution for IT managers looking to improve operational efficiencies. It provides temporary talent or ongoing support for projects that are managed internally. For example, let’s say you have a large project that requires more workers than you currently have on staff. However, the project will only last for three months. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, staff augmentation allows you to bring in trained and qualified workers who can help you with project deliverables and seamlessly blend in with your team.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Companies choose to augment staff for a variety of reasons. Here’s how staff augmentation can benefit your business.


If you need to staff a project for only a few weeks or months, a permanent hire isn’t realistic. Between salary, benefits, and other expenditures for labor services, a full-time worker is a costly commitment. Staff augmentation not only reduces business costs and training costs, but it also increases profitability.


Hiring a short term experienced worker who brings their own set of skills to your project frees up your time, which allows business owners to stay entirely focused on the results and their organization.

Access To Specific Skills

Bringing a short term staff member into your company or project allows you to adapt quickly and create dedicated teams around specific skills, products, or technologies.

Objective and Focused Workforce

In most cases, consultants and contractors aren’t concerned with office politics. Instead, they approach projects and deadlines with an objective and unbiased perspective.

Who Choose DVO Consulting for Staff Augmentation Needs

When you work with DVO Consulting for your staff augmentation needs, you’ll receive an extra set of skilled hands throughout the lifespan of your project. Augmentation is particularly helpful in IT or software engineering, where large projects require specialization. However, it can be helpful for any business that needs help dealing with a special project. At DVO Consulting, we offer:
  • Cyber Security Consultants
  • Forensic Investigation Consultants
  • Data Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Front End Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Systems Engineers
  • IT Project Managers

Let DVO Consulting Help With Your Staffing and IT Solutions

If you’d like to discuss our staff augmentation capabilities and make sure we fit your needs, feel free to contact DVO Consulting today at (801) 425-9845. We can be your strategic partner for IT Consulting and staffing solutions.