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Silicon Valley is famously known as the nation’s tech capital. But there’s a new tech hub entering the fight that’s attracted giant tech corporations, including Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, and Facebook.

This new tech hub is the called the Silicon Slopes, an area that encompasses Salt Lake City, Provo, and Park City in Utah. Here’s why more and more tech businesses are choosing the Silicon Slopes over Silicon Valley.

Why Utah is the next Silicon Valley

  1. Tax Incentives

One reason why Utah is the next Silicon Valley is the roughly $150 million in property tax incentives. Without a doubt, this has attracted data centers and tech giants.

2. Booming Tech Industry

According to a study by the Computing Technology Industry Association, Utah’s tech industry grew faster in 2017 than any other state in the nation with a 3.6 percent increase in tech industry jobs. The study also concluded that Utah has 135,500 tech employees, and 4,680 new tech jobs were added in 2017. Reflecting the state’s growing status in the tech industry is the fact that the globally recognized Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is held in Salt Lake City every year.

3. Low Cost of Living

Compared to the coasts, Utah’s cost-of-living is a bargain. Plus, many companies value a healthy work-life balance. There’s no shortage of things for employers and employees to enjoy after work hours and on weekends.

4. High Tech Salaries

Utahns who have a job in the tech industry have a higher income than the other career fields, according to new numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average tech salary, according to the BLS, is $87,314 in the state of Utah.

5. Talented Candidates

One fundamental way in which Utah has replicated Silicon Valley’s success is by creating a pipeline of STEM employees through good universities and corporate training programs. To incentivize students to stay in Utah, a $2.5 million program passed by the Utah Senate offers debt relief to local college grads who choose to employ their STEM skills in-state.

The Takeaway

Utah’s massive property and sales tax incentives, multiple colleges filled with tech-savvy entrepreneurs, and low cost of living have made Utah the next major tech hub. Tech companies choosing Utah as their home means excellent career opportunities for both software developers and employees with business backgrounds.

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