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DevOps Engineering

DevOps is the convergence of everything: philosophy, practice, and architecture. In a DevOps organization, development and operations teams are no longer “siloed”. Engineers work across the entire application lifecycle from initial prototype to production deployment. Quality assurance and security teams are more tightly integrated. DVO Consulting can work with clients to devise strategies and implementation plans to automate the testing, provision, and deployment of technical workloads.


As an emerging leader in the Blockchain Solution Services marketplace, we evaluate the market place, provide impact analysis, detailed functional review, and enable your business to evaluate if blockchain solutions are right for your organization’s goals. Our engineers provide design, development, testing, implementation/deployment of blockchain solutions. We are partnered in with leaders in this technology developing the most cutting-edge advancements in the blockchain solutions space.

Big Data

DVO Consulting is experienced in building, maintaining, and deploying big data solutions and the data analytics logic that run on top of them. We can help your organization develop a roadmap of recommendations and actionable insights, along with discovery, planning, implementation, delivery, administration, and maintenance.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

Machine vision software uses computational techniques to allow computers to analyze pictures, select features of interest, and use that data to reveal insight. DVO Consulting exists to help individuals and organizations find meaning in their data. We build software and services that empower fast decision making and consequential intelligence. 

Staffing Solutions

We innovate the way you employ and manage the ever changing talent needs by delivering the right talent to the right place. DVO brings a proven record of success vetting, hiring, nurturing, and developing solutions for organizations. 

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